Keto program

A ketogenic diet reduces your daily carbohydrate intake by 15%. The body uses stored fats to create the main source of energy, which it gradually breaks down. This leads to a rapid loss of fat, not muscle mass. It is a condition in which the body releases ketone substances. It occurs after a few days.

Experience weight loss even during a regular and well balanced diet. No hunger. After a while with a natural flavored diet, the sweet taste also fades.

The Keto diet helps address the hidden causes of weight gain – including hormonal imbalances, especially those associated with high blood sugar.

To achieve positive results, we recommend that you follow the Keto dietary guidelines and stick to a low-carb diet even on a Sunday (the day for which we do not prepare meals).

What can you look forward to?

What dishes await you in the Keto program?

Supported foods

Meat, poultry, eggs, fish, dairy products, cream cheeses, healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, even butter or ghee. Nuts and seeds, leafy and non-starch vegetables, low-carbohydrate fruits and berries. MyChef Keto desserts.

The diet does not contain

Gluten, refined sugar, cereals, GMO foods, preservatives, rice, pasta.

Keto program

Low-carb. Sugar-Free. Gluten-free.

Any questions?

For the time being, we deliver only around Prague or to our 2 Pick-Up places. Please see our delivery map HERE.

You can, but it must be announced directly to the logistics department 24 hours before the delivery date.

You can pick your meals at any time (after 18:00) on the day of cooking. After ordering, you will receive your own access code to the Pick Up place.

If you let us know 24 hours in advance, we are able to change your delivery address. Otherwise, the courier is able to wait for you for a maximum of 10 minutes and then he/she will automatically take the food to one of the Pick Up places which are closest to your address.

If you have any restrictions, please contact us BEFORE ordering and we will discuss possible options. All Special Requirements MUST be approved before any orders are made. We are NOT able to accept any serious nut allergies.